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  1. No one represents the Sanely Spiritual

    Charles Blow in the New York Times recently noted that the religious composition of the 112th congress is completely without representation of one of the largest religious groups in America, the unaffiliated. No-one. Nada. Zippo.

    Most religions seem reasonably represented or over-represented. While 51% of America is titularly Protestant, nearly 57% of our congress claims to be. Actual Catholics make up about 24% our our country, but have a 29% representation. The Jews do the ...

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  2. On Spirituality and Politics

    I want to talk about one of the key differences in understanding between Eastern and Western spirituality.

    I'm talking about the distinction between consciousness and the objects of consciousness. Guild member Robert Jonas writes, "This distinction requires us to pause and to reflect on what this means. Let's close our eyes, take a deep breath and try it. Instead of just thinking, let's notice the thoughts streaming through our little noggins and the various body sensations ...
  3. Income inequality and spirituality

    Many in the spiritual world connect spirituality with compassion, and effectively say, if you are compassionate, of course you will want to see greater income equality. My colleague Jeff Utter writes,"my religion teaches me that human beings have a responsibility for all the members of a society, that wealth is a great temptation, that our standing obligation is to guard against the greed which can take hold imperceptibly more and more and blind people to how selfish they have become." Andy ...
  4. Sane Spirituality and the Political Context

    I've been pondering what sane spirituality has to say in the political realm. We articulated much of that in the Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship, which we invite you to read and sign if you haven't already. But that's abstract, and we need to articulate what it has to say today, right now.

    One clear and present danger to the US and the world situation is the financial situation. The US is running up a deficit, the mere payment on which will approach 1 Trillion dollars ...
  5. Inequality, Politics & Spirituality

    For years now, I have been writing and speaking about the corrosive social effects of widening income inequality within individual countries and between countries globally. Most people seem to dismiss these observations as idealistic or (especially within America) as “leftist”, “socialist” etc. My response has been that some of humanity’s greatest spiritual teachers, pre-dating the concepts of Left and Right, have advocated caring and compassion for all and that there are substantial, real (including ...

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