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  1. Sane Spirituality and the Political Context

    I've been pondering what sane spirituality has to say in the political realm. We articulated much of that in the Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship, which we invite you to read and sign if you haven't already. But that's abstract, and we need to articulate what it has to say today, right now.

    One clear and present danger to the US and the world situation is the financial situation. The US is running up a deficit, the mere payment on which will approach 1 Trillion dollars ...
  2. Inequality, Politics & Spirituality

    For years now, I have been writing and speaking about the corrosive social effects of widening income inequality within individual countries and between countries globally. Most people seem to dismiss these observations as idealistic or (especially within America) as “leftist”, “socialist” etc. My response has been that some of humanity’s greatest spiritual teachers, pre-dating the concepts of Left and Right, have advocated caring and compassion for all and that there are substantial, real (including ...

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  3. Government: Problem? Solution? Neither? Both?

    Name a collective challenge, and it’s a good bet that the loudest arguments over it are about the role of government: to what degree are government regulations, policies and programs the cause of the problem, and to what degree should they be part of the solution? With the possible exception of religion, the issue of government involvement in the private sector seems to be the leading source of polarization in American life.

    Can we all just shut up and agree that government is sometimes ...
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  4. Atheism, really? Is this the best we can offer?

    NY Times, Wed, Nov 10. "Four separate and competing national organizations representing various streams of atheists ... will soon be spreading their gospel through advertisements on billboards, buses and trains....Their campaign juxtaposes particularly primitive passages from the Bible and the Koran with quotations from non believers and humanists like Albert Einstein and Katharine Hepburn."

    They recognize, says the Times, that 15 percent of America is "unaffiliated," and they want ...
  5. Sane Spirituality at the Jon Stewart March

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    There we were, 250,000 strong. Signs everywhere.

    Mostly the signs, and the sentiments all afternoon were light and fluffy. Mostly funny signs: "9/11 Was An Outside Job", "God Hates Hommos!! It's too garlicky!" And "God hates figs." Then my personal favorite, on a very very large sign: "This is a very very large sign."

    There was little of the angry left that you hear so much about. Little of the Bush bashing or, for that matter, Obama ...
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