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  1. Encountering Wisdom’s Ways - PART I

    by Georgene L. Wilson, OSF, D. Min.

    The Forge Institute, with its Guild of spiritual leaders, teachers and mentors, its Chapters, its Hearths, its Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship, and its Soul Jazz programs, etc., which are all venues for intentional growth, has said that our mission is: To foster the growth of trans-traditional spiritual wisdom.

    And so I ask: Just Who/ What/ Where/ When does one encounter and engage this “spiritual wisdom”?

    A metaphor: ...

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  2. On Koran Burning and other Joys

    A minister in Gainesville, Fla., has created an international bru-ha-ha by threatening to burn Korans on Sept. 11. I am not going to mention his name, since I'm about to say something that's not entirely complimentary, and given our litigious land, I don't want to get sued. Even though he decided not to burn it, the very notion is so dangerous that i want to weigh in.

    To the enormous amount of ink that's already been spilled over his threat, I have two things I'd like to add from ...

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  3. Of Netti-pots and Spiritual Lives

    I have a Netti Pot. It's a device that spritzes saline solution into your nasal passages. I use it to keep my throat clear for singing, but it also cleans away allergies, cold germs and general assorted gook. It is amazingly effective: works like a charm!

    Never heard of it? I'm not surprised. Until my good-hearted dentist mentioned it, I never had either. That's because it is not advertised in major newspapers. Has no TV ads. Is not promoted or product placed on TV or movies. ...
  4. On Being Married or Not

    My daughter, thirty something, recently got married. Beautiful ceremony. Almost two hundred guests on our back yard. Luckily, we actually like the husband.

    My friend David has a thirty something daughter too. She and her beau have been together for about as long as my own daughter has, and they are in a committed relationship. But they have decided not to get married. No ceremony. No guests. Not even a ceremony at the town office with some unnamed justice of the peace. ...

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  5. Of Honor, Responsibility and a Hat

    The scene: I'm in a line of 230 graduating Ph.D.’s and 17 others who, like me, are being given Doctor Honoris Causa, honorary doctorates from the University of Lund, Sweden. We're walking in a long snaking procession into into the enormous romanesque Lund Cathedral, where the graduation ceremonies are to be held. Two by two we walk, behind men and women in brass buttoned ancient military outfits bearing banners and flags, and behind darkly robed priests. Most of us wear tuxedos and tails, which ...

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