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    Have you ever had a conversation that suddenly drops down, and you start telling truths about yourself and about life that you’ve never before articulated? And your partner(s) share right back in a deliciously open way? Such conversations go deep, so deep that they open to the very sacred.

    The Forge Institute is about that. Our Soul Jazz programs, still in Beta Testing, teach people how to engage self and other in just such a spirit.

    The Forge Guild is a community of people that seek to have just such interactions, long term. It's a peer community of spiritual leaders, teachers and mentors so deep that it touches the sacred.

    We seek to help create a world of such depth. The Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship, developed by Guild members, articulates the principles for it.

    We are people from every religion and pathway who are serious about going to the place of unknowing--alone, with others and in the world. The ticket to entry is a willingness to grow, learn and love without limit.

    We are the home for conversations that matter. Life lived soul to soul.

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