• The Conscious I: Clarity & Direction through Meditation

    by Andy James

    'This book was published in 1992 but has stood the test of time and is as relevant as ever. It explores the questions why we need change and why we need (Vipassana Insight) meditation. It discusses the power of our conditioning factors and in particular our (Enneagram) personality types'-AJ, July 2008.

    'An excellent book'-Ken Wilber

    'This is an easy read… I cannot recommend this book highly enough. This can really turn things around for you.'-Bill Carroll, radio host.

    'This is an enjoyable and thoughtfully prepared book, designed to initiate change, thereby reducing stress'-Pat Young, Common Ground magazine

    'Andy James is much sought after by TV, radio and print media simply because he is as well informed as he is articulate. He moves with ease from the heights of martial arts experience to the depths of spiritual insights and meditation techniques, all the while making you feel as comfortable as if you were discussing your favorite movie or how the Maple Leafs did last night. This deceptively simple demeanor is in fact an art and a science which he has developed over several decades of disciplines study, which he elaborates in his straightforward book, “The Conscious I: Clarity and Direction through Meditation”'

    Lili and Gerrard Fournier, producers of the Quest and other series for PBS.


    Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.