• Ageless Wisdon

    by Andy James

    'I started this book around 2000 and certainly 9/11 accelerated its completion, since it was precisely the kind of thing about which I was warning. The book is about the relevance and urgent need for a more evolved sense and practice of spirituality (much different from what is common now) within both our individual and collective lives'-AJ, July 2008

    'In my imagination the beginning of human consciousness sparked when the human became aware of the wisdom that all the other creatures already knew: All is One! Everything is connected. I also imagine that some eons down the road of consciousness, some human began to claim MINE instead of OURS as their way of life. With this domination-consciousness the human progressively forgot the original wisdom of connection. So we now find ourselves deep in the darkness of separation, fear and death-dealing ways among ourselves and with other creatures.

    Ageless Wisdom Spirituality offers a light in our darkness, a hope in our fear, a life-inviting way of returning to our original wisdom. Andy James helps us to remember and practice making the connections between the personal, spiritual, political, social and ethical cultures of our minds and hearts. I read this book with gratitude for the challenge it awakens. It is a basic map, honest and direct, that can bring us back to the ageless wisdom of ALL IS ONE'-Georgene Wilson, Wheaton Franciscan Sister, living, praying and serving from Wisdom Webbings Anchorhold, Wheaton, IL. USA.

    'Andy James delivers a comprehensive critique of life at the beginning of the 21st century and offers a wise transformational strategy capable of preventing us from ending up where we are heading.Ageless Wisdom Spirituality is a must read for any thinking person looking for a grounded alternative to the spirit-less materialism that is taking us, lemming-like, into an unsustainable future.'-Eli Bay, Founder of the Relaxation Response Institute

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