• Guild Membership

    If you are already a Guild Member and wish to renew or upgrade your membership, click here. If you are more comfortable doing this on the phone, please call 914 478 7802.

    Not a member yet? The Guild is for leaders, teachers and mentors of sane spirituality who hunger for a peer community for sharing, support, mutual learning, and healthy doses of irreverence. If this is you, please join us. And gain these benefits:
    • Forum Conversations: Where Guild members share stimulating ideas, professional challenges, concerns and celebrations and their own spiritual journeys.
    • Blog Capability: Where you can write a blog and respond to other Guild membersí blogs in a way that, if you choose, the general public can see and respond to.
    • Yearly Guild Gathering: Always a favorite, where you can meet and go deep with other wise souls in person.
    • Your Products and Programs Sales: The Forge Website has a shopping cart where you can advertise and sell your books, programs, CDs, and DVDs to other Guild members, and to the general public.
    • Your own page: Your personal page where you can describe your interests personal and professional, so that other Guild members can get to know you and network with you.
    • Your Articles: A place to upload and share your own and others' articles for Guild members to see. Wouldn't it be great to have other intelligent and sensitive souls to kick good ideas around with? You can also make your articles public if you choose.
    • Newsletter: With information about Guild Members and the spiritual world at large to help you feel more connected.
    And much more. Here is our Vision Statement and Call.

    This is what we offer. We ask:

    1. An annual membership fee of $60 (which is $5 per month; slightly higher if you do a monthly charge). More generous Silver, Gold and Angel levels support the work of the Forge in all its efforts.
    2. That you read and follow our Netiquette Agreements.
    3. That you be ready to laugh with us.
    If you have read the Netiquette Agreements and agree with them, great! To join the Guild

    1. Fill in online form

    • Please fill in the areas where you give highlights from your CV about your work, especially as a spiritual mentor/leader, and write a reflective paragraph or two about what it means to you personally to be a spiritual leader.
    • After filling in the form, you will be sent to the payments form (through Paypal).
    2. Your application will be reviewed within a short time. If for some reason we feel the Guild is not a good fit, your money will be refunded in full.

    If there are any question feel free to
    contact Bob Forman, Executive Director