• Forge Transformation Programs

    Have you ever had a conversation that suddenly drops down, and you and your partners start telling truths about yourselves and about life that you’ve never before articulated? Or have you ever had moments in which things suddenly seem particularly meaningful, and your life and the world seem to hang together especially well?

    We call these “moments of soul.” By “soul” we mean that part of us that stands between and touches both our everyday lives and the vast spiritual reality. Moments and conversations from this level are especially magical. In them our lives seem to deepen in meaning and value.

    The Soul Jazz Programs are about this. We offer programs, workshops and community that teach people how to have more soul, and such conversations and relationships from the depths of soulfulness.

    We offer communities of people that seek to have such soulful conversations and longer term relationships. The Forge Guild is a peer community of spiritual teachers and leaders “so deep that it touches the sacred.”

    And we seek to help create a world of such depth. The Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship, developed by Forge Guild members, articulates the principles for it.

    We are people from every religion and pathway who are serious about developing more soulful lives—alone, with others and in the world. The ticket to entry is a willingness to grow, learn and love without limit.

    We are the home for conversations that matter: living soul to soul.

    We will be offering the
    Soul Jazz©programs, in face to face formats and online, in early 2011. Check out our calendar of Soul Jazz events. If you are interested, please contact us and we will inform you of our next trainings.