• Level I: Soul Jazz

    Are you committed to a spiritual path but find it hard to apply your spiritual insights to your everyday life? Have you found depth in quiet walks or meditations, but somehow lose it in your relationships and professional life? Would you like to love more authentically and connect more openly with the world?

    If so, you will be interested in the Soul Jazz© program, a workshop designed by a team of experienced spiritual teachers and facilitators. The Beta Tests we have run have been very very powerful. Led by world renowned author and Forge Institute Founder Robert Forman and Toronto Psychologist Kerry Gorden, participants have said they have come to understand and have practice in navigating everyday life and have been learning to live with more soulfulness within themselves and their relationships.

    Spiritual workshops often teach about letting go of one’s own attachments. This misses the reality of deep connection, and of deep contact with others and with life. In the Soul Jazz
    © Level I you will explore the depths of your encounter with birth, death, life, loss and eternity.
    • Understand the place of soul in human life
    • Live more soulfully within yourself
    • Learn to connect, soul to soul
    • Learn to listen and speak from within soul, explore from within it.
    • Understand what stops us from living soulfully
    • Build ongoing support system to further develop after workshop.
    We will be offering the Soul Jazz© Level I programs, in face to face formats and online, in early 2011. If you are interested, please contact us and we will inform you of our next trainings.