• Netiquette Agreements

    We come together from a variety of religions, paths and philosophical systems. In joining the Guild, we recognize that all paths are after a similar or identical ultimate, and we will listen for that. We agree that all have something to offer, all are valuable in their way, and no one path, including our own, is the only valid way.

    • That means that in our postings, we will not proselytize, evangelize, or attempt to argue that our way, path or approach is the only right one, the best or the superior path for all.
    • We also acknowledge that our favorite tone or style is not the only valid one. There is a place for the intellect, for the emotions, for the masculine and the feminine, and for the quiet and the noisy in the great vastness of the real. Because we value them each in their place, we will try to place our posting in the appropriate forum. And we agree to not attempt to criticize or dissuade another from their chosen manner of expression.
    Our Tone

    • We agree to respond to tone, not just content. It takes intentionality and sensitivity to discern the mood or tone behind the words of a posting, and respond with a similar or complementary tone. That is:
    • If someone posts a message that might make the poster feel vulnerable, we donít offer a critical response; if someone is unsure or thinking aloud, donít pounce on a detail. Instead, mirror vulnerability with kindness and curiosity. There is a place for critical or intellectual discussion on our forums, but not in response to personal sharing. Conversely, if someone is working out a thorny matter of belief or analysis, donít offer an emotionally reactive response. This kind of listening takes intentionality and effort. This effort is part of our seeking and finding common spiritual ground.
    • We will treat each other the same as we would face-to-face. There is a person with their own feelings behind the name on your screen. Treat others with dignity, respect, and compassion, and you can expect that in return. Ask yourself, "Would I say this to the person's face?" If the answer is no, rewrite. Repeat the process till you feel sure that you'd be as comfortable saying these words to the live person as you do sending them through cyberspace.
    • No flaming. "Flaming" (or acting in an uncivil fashion) is never an acceptable mode of communication. We cannot regulate what people say to each other privately, but the moderators WILL stop anyone who acts discourteously to others on our forums. Flaming includes derision, belittling, and disrespect of others' ideas and messages.
    • Enjoy yourself! Youíll be making some close friends with whom you will laugh, cry, complain, worry, and hope. We welcome your input, your joys and sorrows, and your successes and setbacks. We hope that you find the list to be a place of information sharing, friendship making, and community building.

    We assume all of our users are grownups, and will self-regulate exceedingly well. But the forum moderators do not have time to train or coddle people into following these agreements. Therefore, after the first inappropriate posting, the user's privileges will be suspended for one week. After a second time, the user's posting privileges will be suspended for one month. Upon the third time, the user will be removed from the Forge forums. .