• Call to the Forge

    Responding to the call of the times, I wish to help foster Sane Spirituality in our troubled world. One way I choose to do this is by becoming a member of the Forge Guild.

    In doing so I acknowledge my alignment with its stated values: path-transcending spirituality; ongoing personal and professional development; growth through the challenge of relationships; and professional integrity.

    Recognizing that mine is but one path to the infinite, I willingly take on the challenge to develop Sane Spirituality in:
    • Myself: Expanding and deepening my own Sane Spirituality and expressing it more consistently in all the byways of my life.
    • Our Relationships: Helping to form a community that exemplifies Sane Spirituality in the respect and openness with which we interact, and, as difficulties and disagreements arise, responding in ways that help everyone grow as individuals and as leaders.
    • The Broader World: Working with fellow Forge members to more effectively foster deep and sane soulfulness in those we serve—even though our paths may be different—and working together to increase such depth throughout society.