On Transformation

What do we mean by Transformation

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Transformation means change. But , but not just any old change. What we in the Forge mean is moving our lives and souls towards greater and greater freedom. Yum.

We all are to some extent constricted: bound by the assumptions we learn from our folks and our surroundings. Bound by the scars and habits of our history. Bound by the psychological lessons we have yet to learn. Bound by our cultures and the limitations of our social surround and status communities. Bound by our expectations and our fears and the very frame out of which we hope. All of these things, any of these things, leaves us small and narrow in the face of the great range of the real.

This plays out in our spiritual experiences as well. Because things like these limit us, our purview, our vision, and our very consciousness itself is more restricted or narrow than it might be.

The transformation we're after has to do with changes in these existential issues. It is about breaking out of the limits in which we've lived our lives, generally without quite realizing it. Its about becoming freer of the habits of perception and of behavior in which we've been restricted. Its about becoming free of the psychological scars and quirks we all inherit from our childhoods and our upbringing, the pain, the habits and the fears we can hardly name.

It means becoming bigger. This is both an analogy and a direct perception. Bigger in the sense of being able to see and understand with a broader range of possibilities. Bigger in the sense of having a larger pallet of choices in life.

But bigger also is a direct experience. Many people who have been meditating awhile know it, as do many others. It is a sense that we extend more and more from within. It is the sense that we extend beyond the limits of our s own skin, extending outwards, like an aura. Until we reach well beyond ourselves, and extend into the trees outside the window and the hills in the far off distance.

To transform then is to free ourselves from the limitations in which we have lived, and to become larger and freer. In everyday life.

Its a good thing!

Now perhaps you're wondering how to transform in this way? Ah, that's why you've come here. Stay tuned.



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