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well said, Bobbyji.

christianlity has a bias toward the poor " tis easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle, than a rich man to gain the kingdom of heaven"

'blessed are the poor...." Its as though the early Christians were aiming at the masses from the beginning, as Christianity quickly became a religion of conversion under Paul ( who was not an original disciple, yet certainly was spirited!)

to a vedantist, its all their karma, shouldnt matter." the movie is already in the can" to quote a currently popular teacher...

To Amma, ( if you dont know her...) it all about participation ( the karma in the now factor?): if you are rich, selfless service to the poor( thanks for the money, but YOU would benefit more from working the soup kitchen or swinging a hammer with Jimmy Carter). If you are poor, selfless service to the poor. You'll forget your 'poorme' story and even meet people EVEN POORER! That should produce Gratefulness, surely a spiritually expanding quality.

The focus on personal happiness is simply an ego controlled mind seeking pleasure over pain. selfless service brings love over fear.

In love, therein is spirit.

In Florida in Dec, therein is warmth!
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