• The Forge Institute

    Our civilization is in the midst of a monumental shift. As the great religious systems are losing sway, some have retreated into a sectarian fundamentalism, asserting that only their way, whatever it may be, is the right way. Others declare that all that religion stuff is clap-trap, and that only secularity and science, flat and meaningless though they may be, are the way.

    We in the Forge say that in the great swath between these two is a third, saner option: Sane Spirituality. The kind of spirituality that recognizes that all paths that aim towards the great vastness or a meaningful life--religious, spiritual, moving or still--have something to contribute, and all are pointing towards some similar sense of depth, reality, meaning and value. And no one of them has a monopoly on the real.

    This sane depth can be developed alone on meditation cushions, pews or prayer mats. It can be developed between people, in moments of authentic contact between people. And it can and should be developed more in the world. The Forge offers programs to foster this sane spirituality in all three domains.

    The Individual. The Forge's Transformative Programs, still in Beta Testing, will be launched publicly in early 2011. We will offer a family of worskhops, webinars and conference call trainings that teach people how to deepen their souls and make soul to soul contact.

    Relationships. The Forge Guild is a professional community of spiritual leaders, teachers and mentors from every religion and pathway that all seek to develop and promote this sane spirituality. If you are a professional spiritual or religious teacher or leader, click here.

    The World. The Forge seeks to help promote sane spirituality that resides between fundamentalist religions and the plainness of the secular world. We want to help foster a world of the kind of depth that sane spirituality makes possible. The Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship, which articulates the principles for a saner world and was developed by Guild members, is one of these efforts.

    The ticket to entry into all of these efforts is a willingness to grow, learn and deepen without limit. The principle requirement is the recognition that all paths, including your own, point to what is real yet are also all limited in their way, and that there is much to be discovered and shared in the paradox of the great mystery of life.

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